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Board of Directors, Insight

Catherine Courage


The Art, Science and Mystery of What Makes a Great Design Leader

Tue 25 October 16

Has the customer experience companies deliver significantly advanced over the last decade? We have to ask ourselves why we see so many corporations with dedicated design, innovation and customer success teams, yet their products and services do not reflect this investment. Great customer experience cannot be achieved in a vacuum. It is everyone’s responsibility and its success is dependent upon a company that fosters this culture. Customer Experience needs to be part of the company DNA. As leaders we need to inspire and ignite a new way of thinking about factors that contribute to exceptional design and develop strategies for achieving this great endeavour.

Catherine will strive to generate a spirited debate and to provide attendees with practical information with information to aid them in their personal design crusade. She will highlight such topics as:

· Business IQ is the new design weapon
· The best teams, get the best outcomes · No one cares about your UX process · Inertia is the enemy · Selling through stories

Slides for Catherine’s presentation.

About Catherine Courage

Catherine is SVP of Customer Experience at DocuSign. She and her team are committed to delivering world-class products and services that drive customer adoption and loyalty. Catherine co-authored the book Understanding Your Users, and is an active writer and speaker on customer empathy, innovation and design. She has been featured in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and TEDx. She has twice been selected by the Silicon Valley Business Journal – in 2011 as one of Silicon Valley’s “40 Under 40” young tech leaders, and in 2013 as one of Silicon Valley’s 100 Most Influential Women. Also in 2013, Catherine made Forbes list of “Top 10 Rising Stars at The World’s Most Innovative Companies.” She currently sits on board of directors for Insight Enterprises, the California College of the Arts and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

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