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If you’re interested in sponsoring Leading Design, please get in touch, we’d love for you to be involved.

Sponsoring Leading Design connects your brand with design leaders from influential companies throughout the UK and Europe. The type of people who make hiring and purchasing decisions, define process and tool use, and promote design at all levels of the organisation.

Join us at Leading Design and let your brand be a great part of an industry-leading experience.

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Executive Sponsors

Tito logo

Not only have the gang at Tito have created fantastic event software – which we’ve been using for years for our events – but they’re really lovely people. As they say: Tito is designed to provide a stress-free experience for organisers and attendees. They sweat the software details so that you can focus on planning a great event.

Red Badger logo

We’re very happy to be welcoming Red Badger to Leading Design. An experience led software development studio, they solve problems, thrive on complicated, and push boundaries. And they create powerful, effective and compelling software. Say hello to them – they’d love to chat with you!

Associate Sponsors

Design Disruptors logo

We have a real treat in store on Monday evening: a screening of acclaimed documentary, Design Disruptors.

The future of business if being written by companies and products and—intentionally or not—shake billion dollar industries. In Design Disruptors, enter the world of 15+ industry-topping companies—valued at more than $1 trillion dollars combined—with one unifying secret advantage: the transformative power of design.

Scriberia logo

We’re very happy that the folk from Scriberia will be sharing their wonderful live-scribing skills with us at Leading Design. Through animation, illustration, scribing, graphic facilitation and storytelling, their award-winning team offer a fast, flexible, creative service. With the power of pictures, they enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to define and share ideas, tell stories, align teams and engage new audiences.