Leading Design

Learning from a community of design leaders
24 - 26 October 2016, London
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The conference

A conference for people leading design teams, overseeing design direction, or instilling a culture of design within their organisations. Listen to leaders from Spotify, 37Signals and Google Ventures discuss the challenges of managing design, and becoming a better design leader.

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Three reasons to attend Leading Design…


Learn from industry leaders

We’ve assembled an amazing group of design leaders from some of the best known companies in the World. They will share years of experience finding talent, building culture, structuring and developing their teams, managing upwards, coping with stress, and maintaining personal wellbeing.

Meet your peers

Design leadership can be hard; especially if you’ve not done it before. The best way to meet this challenge is through the support of your peers, so we’ve created plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded design leaders, swap war stories, and build relationships we hope will last the rest of your careers.

Targeted towards your needs

Most conferences are focussed on practitioners. We’ve put together a unique programme of events designed specifically to hone your leadership skills and make you a better leader. We hope that by the end of this conference we will have helped you tackle some of your most pressing challenges, in order to become the most effective design leader possible.


We have assembled our dream team of design leaders. People who have run design teams at some of the best known companies around the world. However don’t be fooled into thinking they’ve had it easy. Whether you’ve worked for fast moving tech companies like Transferwise and Skype, or more traditional organisations like John Lewis and Monotype, there are design challenges aplenty. Listen to a diverse group of speakers discuss how they have embraced the challenges of design leadership in their own unique ways.