Danny Hearn

UX Consultant


How to get your company using Lean without realising it

Mon 24 October 16

The benefits that LEAN principals can have on your design and delivery process have been fairly well established. However, transitioning principles taken from talks and books into a practical application can keep even the best design leaders awake at night. During his 5 years as UX Manager at John Lewis, Danny was able to make extensive progress in developing practical tools and processes that made a significant impact. He will share with you his journey in successfully implementing LEAN principles in combination with value proposition design into digital delivery streams.

Slides and notes from Danny’s presentation.

About Danny Hearn

Danny is a digital experience consultant, who’s worked in both agency and client-side environments, for over 14 years. During this time he’s worked on a variety of projects spanning different sectors, including travel, construction and retail. Recently he managed the UX team at John Lewis, where he ran hackathons, disrupted, challenged, helped develop the culture and design practice. He is now taking all of his learnings and experiences to work with Clearleft, helping design great experiences for their clients.