Duncan Lamb

Product Designer, TransferWise


Let's make something good

Tue 25 October 16

As digital product designers we often find ourselves caught between two seemingly opposing forces. On the one hand we’re told to be lean, to ‘don’t worry be crappy’, to ship scrappy MVPs and fail fast. On the other side lies the belief that high quality, emotionally rich experiences are critical to staying competitive.

Organisations like TransferWise are geared towards lean product development and rapid growth, so how can we make the case for considered design and beautifully crafted experiences. And how good is good enough?

About Duncan Lamb

Duncan is a Design leader with broad experience leading creative teams to help businesses discover opportunities, define solutions and deliver great products.

At TransferWise, Duncan leads a small team of designers building products that feel simple, fast, safe and fair for millions of people around the world.

As a co-founder at Aether, Duncan built a company to design and ship Cone, a thinking music player that gives it’s owners a simple, instant and fun way to hear music at home.

As a Creative Director at Nokia, Duncan led the design team behind the N9’s Swipe user interface, a fresh and natural way to create an all-screen device and a huge leap forward for the company. Before Nokia, Duncan was Head of Product Design at Skype finding new and simple ways to help hundreds of millions of people all over the world to feel closer.

Duncan was educated at the Helsinki University of Art and Design and at Sheffield Hallam University in Britain.

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