Mike Davidson

former Vice President of Design, Twitter


Q&A with Mike Davidson

Tue 25 October 16

In his career, Mike Davidson has already worn many impressive hats, so we’re really looking forward to hearing the wisdom he has to share. He’ll be discussing his time as Vice President of Design at Twitter, where he built a 100-person design and research team in charge of every aspect of Twitter’s user experience. He’ll also share his experiences at Newsvine, one of the earliest and most popular citizen journalism startups, which he founded and ran, later continuing as Vice President for five years following it’s acquisition by NBCNews. With those and much more to be discussed, there will be plenty to talk about!

About Mike Davidson

Mike most recently spent three years as Vice President of Design for Twitter. Prior to joining Twitter, Mike was Vice President at, where he managed social news products and technologies. Earlier, he founded Newsvine, which was acquired by MSNBC, and spent several years as Art Director and Manager of Media Product Development for Mike earned a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Washington and studied Creative Advertising and Management at the University of Oxford.

Before the advent of web fonts, Mike invented and open-sourced sIFR, a technique which enabled thousands of individuals and organisations to use custom typography on the web.