Steve 'Buzz' Pearce

Global Head of Design, Skyscanner


Conceptual Debt and Crossing the Chasm

Tue 25 October 16

Design is everywhere. But what do we do when it’s all over the place?

Companies go through multiple inflection points as they learn, scale and adapt. Just as tech debt builds up, design debt also accumulates, platforms amass and experiences get fragmented. But there can be a more harmful debt that silently builds up - conceptual debt. This is often the hardest to identify and admit if a company is successful and has a loyal user base.

Every company is unique, there is no silver bullet to this dilemma. I’ll share some personal failures, successes and plans in attempting to address these issues for a company that is on the brink of crossing the chasm into a mainstream product.

About Steve 'Buzz' Pearce

Steve has the mind of an engineer, the eyes and hands of an artist, and a heart for people. Since the dawn of internet economy companies, he’s lovingly crafted products and services that people actually use and enjoy on a daily basis, some have become verbs in global society.

Steve (or Buzz, it’s a long story!) is a Design Leader and knows what it takes to create products and brands with soul. He’s had the fortune of working with some of the best designers and engineers around, and together they’ve been instrumental in designing some of the most loved products on the planet.

Buzz is now leading the wonderful design team at Skyscanner, where he’s scaling the design team to take the product and brand to the next level on the global stage. Always wanting to share stories and learnings, Buzz teaches at many of the leading design schools in the UK and Europe, and is a regular public speaker.